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(Switch + Motion)

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WeMo, dispositivos que te hacen la vida más fácil. Te permiten controlar vía WiFi y/o 3G tus electrodomésticos, luces y cualquier aparato electrónico conectado a la red eléctrica. Mediante una aplicación iOS, podemos controlar cualquier WeMo. Se pueden programar los dispositivos conectados según nuestras necesidades. Hay disponibles tres modelos de WeMo:

  1. WeMo Switch    (49,99 $) El interruptor WeMo utiliza la red WiFi de su hogar para proporcionar un control inalámbrico de los dispositivos conectados a él.
  2. WeMo Motion   (59,99 $) Es un sensor de movimiento que se asocia con WeMo Switch y le permite activar/desactivar cualquier dispositivo cuando detecta su presencia. Alcance detección de 3 m.
  3. WeMo Switch+Motion    (99 $)  Kit Switch+Motion.

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What is WeMo?
What is WeMo?
Belkin's new WeMo system is home automation made easy. It's completely modular, so you can control as much or as little of your home as you like.
Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion
Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion
A great way to use the WeMo Switch is to trigger it with motion. Just place the WeMo Motion sensor wherever you like, connect it to a WeMo Switch controlling a light, and that light goes on whenever you pass by. With WeMo Motion, appliances wake up and perform their tasks when you get near them, and go to sleep when you leave. Just like they should!
WeMo, Your home at your fingertips
WeMo, Your home at your fingertips
Put your house on a schedule—living room lights go on in the evening, kids' TV goes off at bedtime.
Belkin WeMo & IFTTT; Use the internet to trigger WeMo!
Belkin WeMo & IFTTT; Use the internet to trigger WeMo!
IFTTT CONNECTS YOUR HOME WITH THE WEB IFTTT is an amazing new service that puts the internet to work for you. IFTTT lets you create 'Recipes' that connect apps, websites, and devices together to perform all kinds of custom tasks for you. For example, you could have a light go on in your front hallway when the sun goes down. Simply use the IFTTT Weather Channel (or any site you like), and when it says the sun has set, have WeMo spring into action. WEMO TALKS BACK This means that you can set up WeMo Motion to send you a text alert when someone enters the house. You could set it next to the cookie jar, and send yourself an email reminding you to eat an apple instead!

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